Kaleidoscope Cafe for Events


If you’re planning an event, our pick-up catering services may be just what you’re looking for. Our prices are based on your needs, allowing you to feed your guests at an affordable cost. Want more information?  Give us a call at (412) 683-4004 to discuss the details.*

 For groups dining in with 10 or more people, we offer a family-style menu.

We have the most fabulous next door neighbors at Paint Monkey! Since we’re so close to them (geographically and emotionally), we provide drop-off catering for shindigs held there. Just contact them to schedule your painting class and contact us to place your food order. Easy peasy.

On Sundays and Mondays, our space is available for hosting private parties, such as bridal showers, holiday parties, and other special gatherings. We’ll make lots of good food, you’ll bring lots of good drinks, and everyone will have lots of good fun. We promise.

What People Are Saying

“Kaleidoscope Cafe did a fabulous job catering for our Annual Christmas Party. They helped create a menu that fit the event perfectly. The food was delicious and beautifully presented.” -Joanna Deming, The Pittsburgh Project

“Chef Dan and his staff were wonderful with my request to cater a private dinner of 20 people. He created a seasonal and down right delicious meal that exceeded my and my guests expectations. Several of the guests had specific food sensitivities and Chef Dan was very accommodating to their requests, even creating a separate (and equally as delicious) meal for one guest. The ease of coordinating the catering event, from menu planning to picking up the food, was flawless. I’d definitely use Kaleidoscope Cafe again!” Sarah Sudar, eatPGH

*Food costs for private parties do not include tax, gratuity, or stem fee


Images courtesy of heredwelling.