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April is National Grilled Cheese Month and you may remember that last year we offered specialty grilled cheese sandwiches all month. Since they were such a hit, we want to make more “grills” this year too!

Each week we will offer a different sandwich and this week we’re cooking up chorizo and cheddar grilled cheeses for $5. You can grab your grilled cheese during the lunch hours of 11AM-4PM and each sandwich comes with your choice of fries or fruit.

Be sure to check here each week to see what the weekly grilled cheese lunch special will be!

April 1-5: Chorizo and Cheddar, $5

April 8-12: Ham and Brie with Jalapeno Jelly, $7

April 15-17: Ham and Brie with Jalapeno Jelly, $7

April 22-26: Fresh mozzarella, balsamic roasted grape tomatoes, and prosciutto on Italian bread, $7

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We’re Looking for a New Sous Chef! (Can You Help Us?) http://kaleidoscopepgh.com/were-looking-for-a-new-sous-chef-can-you-help-us/ http://kaleidoscopepgh.com/were-looking-for-a-new-sous-chef-can-you-help-us/#comments Tue, 07 Jan 2014 02:52:58 +0000 http://kaleidoscopepgh.com/?p=498

sous chef

All good things must come to an end and the time has come for Chef Bryan to move on to new things. We’ll miss him a bunch and wish him the best, but know life has some awesome things in store for him. Best of luck, Bryan!

And now we are charged with the difficult task of replacing him. Here’s what we’re looking for:

–Honesty, reliability, and a genuine commitment to Kaleidoscope Cafe’s growth and success

–Someone who can regularly create new menu items and specials

–Someone who will create delicious soups from scratch

–Someone who can butcher (i.e. break down a tenderloin and skin a salmon)

–Someone who can run a shift by supervising staff, cutting employees when appropriate, and maintaining a clean kitchen. (This person must also be able to provide high quality and consistency during each shift.)

–Someone with a demonstrative knowledge of food safety practices

This position is PERFECT for an experienced line cook who is looking to move up and gain more responsibility and knowledge in the restaurant business.

Does this sound like you? Great! Please send your resume to info AT kaleidoscopepgh DOT com.

Not you? That’s okay. Please feel free to pass this post along to anyone you think might be interested.

Thanks friends (and stay warm out there!),

Chef Dan and Akirah

[Photo credit: Amy Lynne Vogel]

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We Like to Party http://kaleidoscopepgh.com/we-like-to-party/ http://kaleidoscopepgh.com/we-like-to-party/#comments Wed, 13 Nov 2013 15:58:17 +0000 http://kaleidoscopepgh.com/?p=482

holiday party

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year again, which means holiday parties! We’ve already booked a few fun gatherings and would love to celebrate with you too. Just check out our events page or give us a call at (412) 683-4004 for more information.

P.S. Feeling artistic? If you plan a party with our neighbors at Paint Monkey, we’d love to provide drop-off catering services for you. Good food, paint, and wine? It doesn’t get much better than that!

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Who Wants to See Some Delicious Food? http://kaleidoscopepgh.com/who-wants-to-see-some-delicious-food/ http://kaleidoscopepgh.com/who-wants-to-see-some-delicious-food/#comments Fri, 09 Aug 2013 15:09:36 +0000 http://kaleidoscopepgh.com/?p=446

sweet potato
Sweet potato tagliatelle in a chevre cream sauce with tempeh linguiça, peas, and spinach

Oven-roasted salmon finished in a sweet miso, pistachio crust and served with sesame sautéed baby bok choy, wild mushroom noodle, and barley pilaf

Maple barbecue pork tenderloin with black beans and greens

Coconut curry polenta with shrimp, hot sausage, and pineapple

We’ll be debuting these gorgeous dishes next week for Restaurant Week and we’re crazy excited. Give us a call today at (412) 683-4004 to reserve your table.

Now, who wants to EAT some delicious food?


Many thanks to Amy Vogel for the AWESOME pictures. They look amazing and you are so talented. Many blessings to you, friend.

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Summer 2013 Pittsburgh Restaurant Week http://kaleidoscopepgh.com/summer-2013-pittsburgh-restaurant-week/ http://kaleidoscopepgh.com/summer-2013-pittsburgh-restaurant-week/#comments Fri, 02 Aug 2013 17:11:03 +0000 http://kaleidoscopepgh.com/?p=427

We are really excited to participate in our fourth Pittsburgh Restaurant Week, August 12-18th. It’s always such a blast!

This year, we will be serving a few dishes at the Kickoff Party on August 8th (will we see you there?). We’ll also be open an extra evening during Restaurant Week on Monday, August 12th, from 5-10PM.

We’re introducing four new dishes too!

Coconut curry polenta
with shrimp, hot sausage, and pineapple

Maple barbecue pork tenderloin
with black beans and greens

Oven-roasted salmon
finished in a sweet miso, pistachio crust and served with sesame sautéed baby bok choy, wild mushroom noodle, and barley pilaf

Sweet potato tagliatelle

in a chevre cream sauce with tempeh linguiça, peas, and spinach

For Restaurant Week, we are offering any of our entrees, including these new dishes, plus a small salad or cup of soup for $20.13. (Filet mignon not included.) We will be serving gazpacho all week as well.

It will surely be a fun and tasty week, so give us a call at (412) 683-4004 to reserve a table.

Hope to see you soon!

-Chef Dan and Akirah

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First Official Episode of KCTV! http://kaleidoscopepgh.com/first-official-episode-of-kctv/ http://kaleidoscopepgh.com/first-official-episode-of-kctv/#comments Tue, 04 Jun 2013 16:33:07 +0000 http://kaleidoscopepgh.com/?p=408

We’ve finally vlogged. Yay!

Today we’re talking about custard cups…and how to prevent dryness when cooking pork (and other meats).

We’re looking forward to taping more episodes, so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE to leave a comment below with your cooking questions. Or you can email us here.

(Also, if you found this video helpful, why not share it with a friend? Sharing is caring.)

Happy Tuesday,

Akirah and Chef Dan

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Mamas and Mimosas! http://kaleidoscopepgh.com/mamas-and-mimosas/ http://kaleidoscopepgh.com/mamas-and-mimosas/#comments Wed, 08 May 2013 02:45:28 +0000 http://kaleidoscopepgh.com/?p=390

This Sunday, Kaleidoscope Cafe will be hosting its first EVER brunch, in honor of Mother’s Day. Hooray! We will be open from 11AM-3PM. And we will be giving a complimentary mimosa to every mother who celebrates with us. (Everyone else, BYOB please.)

Here’s what else we’ll be serving up:

Shrimp and Hominy: Cheesy hominy served with sautéed shrimp and greens and bacon. $16

French Toast: French toast served with salted almond mascarpone and berry sauce. $9

Eggs with Dulce de Leche Sweet Capicola: Eggs served with redskin home fries. $11

Strawberry Salad: Mixed greens served with fresh strawberries, chevre, toasted pine nuts with a champagne vinaigrette. $10

Hot Sausage Belgian Waffles: Waffles served with apple, rum, and walnut syrup. $10

Eggs, Bacon, and Redskin Home Fries $7

Give us a call at (412) 683-4004 to reserve your table. Hope to see you (and your mama) on Sunday!

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My Wife Made Me Cook This http://kaleidoscopepgh.com/my-wife-made-me-cook-this/ http://kaleidoscopepgh.com/my-wife-made-me-cook-this/#comments Tue, 23 Apr 2013 17:25:58 +0000 http://kaleidoscopepgh.com/?p=338

my wife made me cook thisI will be the first to admit that I know very little, if anything, about cooking. I’m a social worker and a writer, so I try to stick with social work-ing and writing. It’s rather convenient, therefore, that I married a chef who knows A BUNCH about cooking. (Sidenote: We’ve received ALL of your questions and we can’t wait to answer a few of them on KCTV. We’ll be working on that soon, so hold tight.)

Even though I don’t know how to baste a turkey or filet a fish, I do know what I like to eat. And I rarely hesitate to ask Chef Dan to cook me something I like when I get a hankering for it. In fact, I ask him pretty frequently to offer specials at Kaleidoscope Cafe that are made with ingredients I really enjoy. Because I have good taste. :)

And so “My Wife Made Me Cook This” specials are born…

Now and again I will ask Chef Dan to make something yummy for me…and we’ll share it with all of you. Bon apetit!

First up? An awesome lunch special — a “My Wife Made Me Cook This” grilled cheese sandwich — cheddar and chorizo (or soy chorizo) on flatbread with fresh, fire-roasted jalapeno salsa. (It comes with fries or fruit and only costs five bucks!)

Happy Grilled Cheese Month,


P.S. Subscribe to our email list and you’ll be the first to know about ALL our latest specials.

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Introducing KCTV http://kaleidoscopepgh.com/introducing-kctv/ http://kaleidoscopepgh.com/introducing-kctv/#comments Wed, 10 Apr 2013 00:48:59 +0000 http://kaleidoscopepgh.com/?p=317

Chef Dan and Akirah want to answer your questions about food, life, and everything in between. Check out our first episode of KCTV and send us your questions here. If we use your question, you just might get something sweet! ;)

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We’ll Make You a Grill http://kaleidoscopepgh.com/well-make-you-a-grill/ http://kaleidoscopepgh.com/well-make-you-a-grill/#comments Fri, 05 Apr 2013 14:21:52 +0000 http://kaleidoscopepgh.com/?p=253

It’s almost shameful that we didn’t realize this month is National Grilled Cheese Month until today. But don’t worry, we’ve got plans to make up for lost time.

Each week in April we will be featuring a different grilled cheese sandwich — for $5 each!

This week we’re offering a flatbread grilled cheese with gorgonzola and cheddar. You can add bacon for $2 or tomato for free. Each decadent cheesy masterpiece will come with your choice of fries or fruit.

Be sure to check out the blog (or our Facebook page) to see what other cheesy adventures we’ll be embarking on this month. Then stop on by so we can make you a grill.

(Yes, that last sentence is totally a reference to some old school hip hop. If you can guess which song, we’ll give you a virtual pat on the back.)

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